🧠Artificial intelligence economic system

Dexter AI 🧠 and Olivia AI 💡, are working hard together to provide you with the best gaming experience 🎮 and maintain a balanced economy ⚖️. These two advanced AI systems are responsible for calibrating the game's difficulty by considering various economic factors, such as the CRU pool 💰, the price of WOS and BAR 💸, the availability of the Injected CRU button ⛽, and many other aspects.

Thanks to the collaboration between Dexter AI and Olivia AI, the game's difficulty is constantly adjusted 📊 to ensure a long-term sustainable economy 🌱 and engaging, challenging gameplay 🌟. This allows you to enjoy an exciting 😃 and rewarding 🏆 gaming experience while protecting the economic health of the game's ecosystem.

We're committed to your enjoyment and success in the game! 🎯

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