WOS Reward

Inside each one of the BARs in the Game under a Blockchain Audited Randomized Algorithm a distribution of WOS Tokens is generated in two phases:

When an Oil well is created a quantity of BAR, WOS and CRU tokens are mined in that moment.


I get 100 BARs in the game from playing.

I click on CLAIM and the following happens: The smart contract will determine how many of those 100 BARs have CRUs inside. As a result, these BARs with CRUs inside will be sent to your metamask. The rest of the BARs that did not have CRU inside will be burned and you will no longer have them. As a reward you will receive 0.05 WOS Token for each burned BAR

Result: Let's assume for this example that only 10 BAR had CRUs inside. What will happen is that you will receive only those 10 BARs in your Metamask and the other 90 will be burned and as a reward you will receive 4.5 WOS also in your Metamask.

What can I do with these tokens?

Trade your WOS on an listed exchange or Become a partner of the Game

f you believe in this project, WOS is the token to have. It can be used as for Staking purpose. The more WOS you have more % of an incentive you will receive as a Partner of The WOS Game. You can benefit from each transaction or sale generated in the Game. In which approximately 1% of the total transactional fees will be allocated back into WOS Stake holder.

BAR to WOS distribution stages.

The game matches every BAR burned with 0.05 WOS. Until; (Less than 60M of WOS Tokens mined)

After, you will receive 0.025 WOS Token for every BAR burned (Less than 120M of WOS Tokens mined)

Finally; you will receive 0.0125 WOS Token for every BAR burned (Less than 180M of WOS Tokens mined)

And will continue to divide every 60M WOS

Therefore, WOS becomes a limited token, making it the token to have.

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