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WOS DAO 2026 Q2

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Worker or Sheikh, in the near future, plans to become a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) 🌐. This transition will take place in the second quarter (Q2) of 2026 📅. By becoming a DAO, the project will be handed over to the community 🤝, granting them control and allowing for collective decision-making about its future 💡.
It is worth noting that the WOS token has a maximum supply of one billion 🔝. When 900 million tokens have been mined 💰 or the date of DAO implementation is reached, the Blackbear Go company 🐻 will reserve the remaining 100 million tokens. This reserve will serve as a reward for their hard work and dedication in developing the project over the years 🎖️.
This approach is different from other projects in the space, as Blackbear Go will be the last to acquire tokens instead of retaining a significant portion from the beginning 🚀. This method ensures long-term commitment to the community and demonstrates confidence in the project's success 💪.
The transformation into a DAO is a significant milestone for Worker or Sheikh, as it will strengthen decentralization and community involvement in the project's governance 👥. By engaging the community in decision-making and aligning their interests with those of the project, a sustainable 🌱 and prosperous ecosystem is created in the world of gaming 🎮 and cryptocurrencies 💸.