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Play as Worker

Immerse yourself in the world of Workers or Sheikh and experience the thrill of the game's free version as a Worker! This incredible journey allows you to extract oil from wells, overcome obstacles, and share the profits with the Sheikhs, who own the wells. Use the free extraction towers provided and click on them to initiate the extraction process. But be careful: as you extract the oil, you'll need to navigate around obstacles that could cause you to lose your extracted oil barrels. Make sure to catch the golden barrels, which act as checkpoints and help you secure your earnings.
Keep playing until you've emptied all the wells, and in the end, you'll receive Oil Barrels that will be shared between you and the Sheikh who owns the well.
To start, choose the well from which you want to extract oil. But that's not all! In the game's marketplace, you'll have the option to purchase "derricks" and "potions" that enable Workers to automate the extraction task for a certain period, allowing you to work on multiple wells simultaneously and increase your profits. Additionally, you'll have the freedom to choose from any available well on the map, and some Sheikhs may even offer extra incentives, such as potions or improved towers, to make the Worker's job easier at their wells and boost Oil Barrel extraction.
Don't miss the opportunity to join this exciting and challenging game. Become a Worker in Workers or Sheikh today and experience the thrill of extracting oil, overcoming obstacles, and maximizing your earnings in this innovative Play to Earn game!