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What do I do with the BARs in my metamask?

In your Metamask wallet, you will only have BAR tokens containing CRU, which gives them an intrinsic value. The market price of each BAR is determined by supply and demand on various exchanges, making them a valuable asset. Option 1: Tradable BAR Tokens - Enjoy the freedom to buy or sell BAR tokens on exchanges, as they will be listed for trading. The value of each BAR token ultimately derives from its surprise content in CRU, making them a highly sought-after commodity. Option 2: Explode- When you return to the game to burn your BARs containing CRU, keep in mind that each CRU has a 1:1 ratio with USDT. This conversion allows you to make the most of the game and the tokens you have earned. Maximize your gaming experience and investment potential by strategically choosing how to manage your BAR tokens. Enjoy the flexibility of trading on exchanges or converting them into CRU, ensuring that you get the highest possible value from your adventure in Worker or Sheikh.