WOS Staking

Stake your WOS Token to become in WOS Partner (Passive Income)

Do you want to be part of a revolution in the gaming world while earning passive income at the same time? Then WOS Staking is the perfect opportunity for you! By staking your WOS tokens, you become a partner in the exciting Worker or Sheikh ecosystem and enjoy numerous benefits.

Each transaction within the game ecosystem generates fees, and by staking your WOS tokens, you will receive a share of 1% of the total fees! Moreover, your rewards will increase proportionally to the number of tokens you hold in the staking pool.

Imagine this: if you hold and stake 100,000 WOS tokens and the total amount mined is 1 million, you own 10% of the total tokens in circulation. You will receive 1% of the 10% of the total fees charged within the game. This means that the more tokens you stake, the higher your earnings will be!

For example, if the purchase amount for an oil well is 1000 USDT plus a fee, and you have a 10% share in the staking contract, you will receive 1 USDT from that transaction immediately. Can you imagine how much you could earn when the average daily market capitalization of the game reaches just 1 million USDT, and you own that 10% of the staked WOS tokens? You could receive 1000 USDT daily or 30,000 USDT per month!

Don't miss the opportunity to join the exciting world of the WOS game and secure a constant flow of passive income. Stake your WOS tokens now and enjoy a prosperous future as a WOS partner! Video English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnPV1BUxiGU Video Español: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2PIMEUw7vs

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